Overwhelm and Avoidance

Avoidance is a common distraction tool I use when I am overwhelmed. My brain gets muddled with the sheer amount of clutter, papers, dishes, I have to tackle. If something has built up in excess I will quite literally avoid the task in search of something that gives me instant gratification. While beginning this blog I have done everything to get it started EXCEPT write my first post. It is one of the first things on my list but quickly fell to last. I know the topics I want to write about. I know the products I love, enjoy, and want to share with others..and yet I found myself overwhelmed with the endless possibilities of where to start. 

So here I am, writing about the simplest part of allocating your life – the first step in simplicity, organization, and imperfection. 

Start small.

Oftentimes the biggest hurdles we face involve just starting – or as Nike would say – just do it. Don’t think about all the different aspects of the task at hand, just start. 

When I feel like my kitchen is getting cluttered easily and needs reorganized, I always start small – the proverbial junk drawer. Small yet mighty is that drawer! Or your closet – start with your socks. Your desk? Tackle the pile of pens you’ve accumulated. You don’t have a pen collection?! You may be in the wrong space!

All of this to say – don’t let your overwhelm cripple you into avoidance. Stop yourself, reevaluate what’s important, and start small.

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